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Software development

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Software development

Despite that the software market is flooded with a large variety of software packages and specific vertical solutions, companies often define the need of a custom software solution, different from the existing on the market. Rila Solutions is there to design, develop and implement customer-specific solutions that fit the required need. Our software developers are experienced and skilled in a variety of platforms and technologies.

The solutions we build are recognnizable with high quality, reliability, flexibility and scalability to allow for easy enhancement and maintenance. When developing software solutions we strictly adhere to our own quality management system, which is certified against ISO 9001:2008, based on the principles of level 3 of CMMI.

The quality management approach spans the whole development cycle – end to end, to ensure maximum effect for the interim and final project results and full compliance with the requirements and expectations of our clients.

Our services include

• Requirements analysis, specification and feasibility study
• Research
• Project scoping and estimation
• Project management
• Design and architecture specifications
• User Interface design
• Development
• Testing
• System integration
• Quality assurance
• Documentation
• Training

Business domains

• Banks and Finances
• Telecommunications
• Mobile and wireless
• Automotive
• Fleet management
• Building and construction
• Food and beverage
• Transport and logistics
• Government
• Universities
• Green Buildings


Operating Systems
UNIX (Linux, AIX, Solaris), Windows

Development Platforms
Java Platform, .NET Framework, .NET Compact Framework, MFC C/C++, UNIX C/C++

Oracle Database, MSSQL, IBM DB2, PostgreSQL, MySQL

Server-side Scripting
PHP, perl, bash

Client-side technologies
Silverlight, Flash, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, JSON

Service Oriented Architectures (SOA)
IBM WebSphere ESB and Process Server, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Sun GlassFishESB

Web services

openssl, digital signatures and encryption, certificates, ASN.1

Functional programming
Common Lisp, OCaml

TCP/IP, Firewalls (Cisco, 3Com, Linux), heterogenous networks


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