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ERP System Implementation

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ERP System Implementation

The business management information systems such as ERP, SCM, CRM domineer lately as there is a conscious awareness for the need of their presence in many companies from various industry sectors which strive to increase their efficiency and to control the costs in order to achieve sustainable revenue growth.

The integrated business management information systems provide automation, integration and optimization of business processes, thus channeling the operation and consolidating the information. They also support the management in decision making process by different information analysis options. In particular the solutions are focused on management of the processes related to financials, accounting, supply chain management, manufacturing, logistics, human resources, project management and customer relationship management.

Expected real benefits from the use of ERP systems are better decision making, automation and optimization of key business processes, better market position, improved workforce performance, reduced operation costs and improved customer and partner relations.

Rila Solutions implements ERP systems based on ERP software suits from the leading vendors Oracle and Microsoft.

Oracle E-Business Suite

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

We invest our experience, technology skills and management professionalism in ERP systems to provide full range of services: Project Scoping and analysis, Licensing, Implementation, Migration and Transition, Integration, Maintenance and support.

Analysis and scoping Licensing Implementation Migration and Transition Maintenance and support
Analysis and need assessment

Opportunities assessment

Strategic planning and solution map

Gap analysis

Analysis and assessment of possible improvements

Planning and estimation of the implementation project and its phases
Consulting on licensing schemas to fit to customer’s needs

License aquisition
Project management

Operation analysis

Design and Development

Testing and bug fixing

Data conversion

Integration with other applications



Enhancements and customizations

Migration to other platform

Migration to newer versions
Application support

Problems resolutions

Application administration


Performance tuning

Data and reports analysis


» Finance and Accounting

» Project management

» Contracts management

» Sales

» Order Management

» Purchasing

» Manufacturing

» Assets Management

» Warehouse Management

» Human Resource Management

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