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Mobile and wireless

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Mobile and wireless

Since 1998 Rila Solutions provides professional services in the field of mobile and wireless technologies, including design and development of applications, testing, support, and platform migration. Our team of young and energetic IT specialists eagerly applies and improves their skills in leading edge technologies to ensure that each customer is provided with the best fit and most effective solution.

The domain expertise and skills portfolio include wireless communications, file systems, low-level CPU and embedded programming, speech synthesis and recognition, system configuration and personalization, graphical design and multimedia. Other key capabilities include development of mobile portals and UI customizations. Besides, we can offer platform software engineering services, ranging from HAL adaptation to device driver development.

Solutions we have developed for our clients include:

ChatPC - embedded application for handheld devices to replace the natural speech of people experiencing disability problems. The application runs on Pocket PC, Windows CE, ELF3 prototype board (CE.NET), Win32 and is multiplatform (StrongARM, XScale, Bulverde, MIPS, SH3, x86 processors). Uses DecTalk text to speech API and own file system with dynamic and static dictionaries for speech recognition, prediction and completion.

Mobile Time Billing - the application allows mobile lawyers to enter time records and expenses using handhelds and synchronize data with backoffice time management and accounting systems. The solution enables users to enter, review and edit time, date and costing on their mobile devices. The application runs on Blackberry, Palm, Windows CE, J2ME. Email and http transfer is supported. Integrates with systems such as Carpe Diem, DTE, Elite, CMS Open.

Rila Mobile Sales Force Automation - the application enables retail and distribution companies to sell products while having face-to-face communication with customers. The field sales force people can easily close deals right at the customer premises having at hand all necessary product and customer data from the back-office systems. The application works on almost any type of hand-held device, and synchronization with office systems can be either wireless (WiFi, GPRS, ActiveSync) or internet (http+ssl).

Experience and knowledgebase

Expert domains
» Develop custom mobile applications
» Development of mobile portals
» Embedded applications
» SMS applications
» Platform migration

» Pocket PC, SmartPhone, Symbian, BlackBerry, PalmOS
» Windows CE, RIM, BREW, Embedded Linux
».NET Compact Framework, Windows Mobile, J2ME, C#, C++,XML, XHTML, VB.Net, Java

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